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Design, construction, repair and optimization of sealing systems (mechanical flood) in oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, food, pharmaceutical and technical industries with European technical knowledge and materials.


We have an active sales team that does not recognize pleasure except customer satisfaction and is always responsive to your needs. There are also many ways to connect with us . we are there when you need us.


We are proud to have the technical knowledge and expertise of designing and manufacturing of the mechanics of floods and equipment around it and we are always developing in technical matters. Every application has its own special requirements profile, and our job is to provide the best sealing solution.


We have a variety of products which enhances our ability to be flexible. We believe there is no better pleasure than customer satisfaction.


We use a strong and committed sales team which will be constantly responding to customers. We believe that the sale is not the end of the work, but the beginning of a commitment.

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The Arsen Company has several years of experience in the manufacturing and installing equipment in the oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, power plants, wood and food and pharmaceutical industries. Arsen remains in the mind of customers, in the field of designing and manufacturing of different type of mechanical seal with the presence of a group of experienced and professional experts. It has been manufacturing various types of Seals in accordance with the international standards of sealing systems.

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    Corporate values


    Efforts to gain customer confidence and fulfill our obligations are one of our long-term goals. We will follow up on our work. This implies striving to fulfill our daily commitments as an essential premise in attending to the needs of others.


    We must promote ethical attitude to employees, customers and suppliers and all stakeholders, so we have created an internal ethical policy and we are working to enforce it. We are responsible for helping us create a more just and balanced world.


    We believe that the creation of a work environment and the design of professional projects requires the use of different efforts and ideas. By joining forces, we can come up with more challenging challenges. And we have to insist on doing the perfect job in the hands of a professional team.


    We believe that no project can progress without enthusiasm. Many factors, such as eagerness and enthusiasm, develop a sense of responsibility and loyalty to common ideas.


    The Arsene family, as a group company, seeks to strengthen diversity as a symbol to create a better world and always strives to create new and better ideas. Every application has its own special requirements profile, and our job is to provide the best sealing solution.


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